This week Walgreens announced new offerings to support people with chronic and acute pain, including the launch of Walgreens private brand diclofenac gel, an over-the-counter original prescription-strength arthritis pain relief in topical form. In addition, patients can receive free one-on-one consultations with Walgreens pharmacists who received specialized training in providing empathetic care and personalized pain management solutions.

Rina Shah, group vice president, specialty and retail pharmacy operations, Walgreens

“Our comprehensive pain training, combined with an assortment of innovative pain solutions, ensure patients receive personalized, empathetic care from our pharmacists based on each patient’s situation, pain type and history,” said Rina Shah, group vice president, specialty and retail pharmacy operations, Walgreens. “In addition to pain management, our pharmacists receive specialized training to help patients manage a number of chronic conditions, including diabetes and mental health. During a time when community care is more important than ever before, patients can rest assured that their local Walgreens pharmacy is a trusted resource for the support, expertise and products they need.”

Walgreens pharmacists are specially trained to empathetically engage with patients and offer them comprehensive, personalized options. The training program was developed with support from the Global Healthy Living Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of people with chronic disease. Working with patients, Walgreens pharmacists explore an assortment of differentiated pain management solutions, including OTC medications, nonpharmacologic options, innovative specialty medications and light and vibration therapies, to help address pain at any point in the patient’s journey. Since the training launched in December 2019, Walgreens pharmacists have conducted more than 30,000 pain consultations.

“Pain is very personal and can be very isolating,” said Seth D. Ginsberg, co-founder and president of the Global Healthy Living Foundation. “Patients now have a caring, trained healthcare professional in their community Walgreens pharmacy to turn to for help navigating their pain.”