It’s a well-known fact that when a heatwave hits and the UK is basking in balmy temperatures, the nation looks to indulge in its frozen favorites. But as the debate continues over what is actually classed as an ‘ice lolly’, (popsicle) supermarket Waitrose has introduced a sweet solution to cool off the debate.

In the warmer weather, ice cream tubs are a best seller for Waitrose, with sales up 51% this year versus the previous year. But as soon as the mercury soars above the late twenties, a trend for more fruit-based icy treats emerges, with sales of ice lollies overtaking those of ice cream by over 50% in the last two weeks as temperatures climbed to over 30 degrees.

It’s been hotly debated, what constitutes an ice lolly, with You Gov recently publishing its findings that its 2018 list of Britons’ favorite ice lollies was incorrect after asking the public if two of the top five should even have been classed as ice lollies at all.

Waitrose Ice Cream Buyer Lucille Kavanagh

But for shoppers finding it hard to choose between the two, Waitrose has introduced two new sherbet lollies – a half-way house combining both the refreshing fruit juices of a fruit lolly or sorbet with the indulgent, creamier texture of ice cream.

Waitrose Ice Cream Buyer Lucille Kavanagh comments, “ We certainly see a shift in what customers are buying as soon as the weather hits the highs we’ve seen recently. Anything above 27°/28° we see shoppers switching from indulgent ice creams to fruit juice-based lollies.

“Our new No.1 sherbet lollies are the perfect combination of the two. Sherbet incorporates the fruity flavors of an ice lolly and the creaminess of ice cream, making it an ideal option for our customers who love both!”

The sherbet lollies are new additions to the Waitrose No.1 private brand. The lollies come in two flavors: Blood Orange Sherbet & Chocolate and Strawberry Sherbet & Clotted Cream and are priced at £2.79 for a pack of three.