British retailer Waitrose has introduced its 2020 collection of private brand holiday treats. The much-anticipated release includes premium giftable chocolates and candies.

Tempting Truffles

The Waitrose No.1 Decadent Chocolate Truffle Collection (£20) is a selection of rich, velvety truffles made with the Waitrose No.1 single-origin dark and milk chocolate and creamy white chocolate.

The truffles are beautifully decorated and make a stunning gift for foodies. The box includes eight decadent flavors including British raspberry, apple & brandy, spiced orange, West Country clotted cream, Champagne, dark chocolate and salted caramel

The No.1 Salted Caramel TrufflesNo.1 Dark Chocolate Truffles and No.1 Champagne Truffles are also available in their own individual boxes (£6 each).

Truly scrumptious

Whether customers are planning a gift guide or looking for inspiration for tasty gifts the No.1 chocolate private brand range is sure to top the confectionery charts this Christmas.

From Waitrose’s premium private brand range, the No.1 Chocolate bar library (£12) is a connoisseur’s collection of single-origin chocolates. Made with the finest cocoa beans from around the world, the flavor profiles range from deeply dark and complex to rich and creamy.

The delectable delights continue with the No.1 Indulgence Edition (£12), a variety of beautiful hand-decorated colorful chocolate domes with delightful rich fillings. Available in a variety of flavors, from espresso martini, praline feuilletine, black cherry and kirsch to mandarin caramel and ginger caramel, they’re the perfect after-dinner treat.

No.1 Nougat 

The No.1 Nougat Selection (£6) offers a lovely mix of sweet, nutty and fruity flavors this Christmas.

Made in Bergamo in Italy, the collection includes four delicious bars of Italian nougat made to traditional family recipes including honey & almond, dark chocolate & hazelnut, mixed berry and pistachio.

Santa Claus is coming to Town

Give Santa a scrumptious surprise as he stops this Christmas with Santa’s Chocolate Treat box (£4). Filled with crunchy chocolate cookies, a white chocolate ‘carton of milk’ and white chocolate ‘carrots’ for Rudolph – these gifts will certainly get your name on the nice list!

Deck the halls with chocolate delights, ready for Santa’s arrival. The selection of Chocolate Christmas Trees (£6) is a mix of 12 trees in four flavors – praline, gingerbread, peppermint candy and orange – wrapped in either milk or dark chocolate.

For smaller delights, the Baby Santa and Reindeer Trio (£5) are milk chocolate shapes oozing with milk chocolate ganache, while the Reindeer and Penguin Lollipops (£2.50), made with hollow milk chocolate, are the perfect festive treats for little ones.

Tasty Movie Treats 

Every Christmas movie marathon should be accompanied by Christmas treats. And look no further than the Salted Butterscotch Mallows (£3). These squidgy marshmallows are made with rich treacle and pools of gooey salted butterscotch, perfect for cozy nights by the fire.

Enjoy a hot cup of cocoa with the grown-up, ornate looking Hot Chocolate Spoon Stirrers (£5.50). These darker milk chocolate spoons are a fun way to turn a warm mug of milk into a yummy hot chocolate – and yes, you can lick the spoon!