Waitrose is launching its biggest private brand range of 2021, inspired by the diverse and vibrant culture of the Levant, the region of the Middle East that stretches along the sunny shores of the eastern Mediterranean focussing on the cuisines of Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, Syria, Turkey and Cyprus.

The Levantine Table range will arrive in stores on April 12th and will include a wide spectrum of products from scratch cook ingredients such as aromatic spice blends and pastes to the convenience of prepared meat and vegetable dishes, dips, snacks and desserts. In addition, there will be a selection of homeware products which will be available in John Lewis (online and shops) and selected Waitrose shops.

The range includes:

  • 120 food & drink products including:
  • 76 vegetarian products
  • 40 vegan products
  • 15 Good Health products
  • 30 John Lewis homeware and tabletop products

As well as classics such as falafel, olives, houmous, kebabs and savory pastries, the range also includes sharing dishes that can be scaled up and down for smaller or larger gatherings as part of a mezze feast. There are also modern twists on familiar favorites, including a Shakshuka Egg – a vegetarian take on a Scotch egg with spiced tomato and pepper, bulgur and a poached egg in the middle – and Turkish Delight Ice Cream. New condiments include a Spiced Pomegranate Drizzle, which is delicious drizzled over slow-cooked pulled lamb, and Mango Amba Sauce – a fruity, spicy sauce which is typically served with kebabs and grilled meats.

Waitrose Executive Chef, Martyn Lee

Waitrose Executive Chef, Martyn Lee says, ‘Many customers will be familiar with Middle Eastern foods and know how vibrant, colorful and packed full of flavor they are. We have created this range to celebrate the distinctive flavors of the specific regions of the Levant. We have worked closely with authoritative voices who have an intimate knowledge of the food and culture of the Levant region. This process was hugely important to us to create a credible range that respects and reflects the traditions, ingredients and techniques unique to each region.’

The John Lewis Levantine collection includes a selection of 30 expertly curated products, including sharing platters, bowls, dip dishes, trays and table linens. The tabletop products have been developed in collaboration with Waitrose to mirror the new food range. Each piece has been designed in-house by Partners in the design studio and the vibrant colors and ceramic patterns have been inspired by the architecture of the Levant region, well known for its wonderful tiles.

Highlights of The Levantine Table range

Savory Dishes

Sumac-spiced Courgette & Radish Slaw
A fresh, crunchy salad with typically Middle Eastern flavors of coriander, black onion seeds, dill and mint, and a yogurt dressing with pomegranate molasses and citrusy sumac.

Chicken with Baharat Spices and Herby Zhoug Sauce
Chicken with a falafel crumb and a typically Lebanese blend of warm, fragrant spices, in a coriander zhoug sauce.

Chargrilled Chicken with Fruity Saffron Sauce
Fragrant with honey and zesty sumac – serve hot as a starter or part of a mezze-style feast.

Slow-cooked Shawarma-spiced Lamb
Marinated in a blend of fragrant Middle Eastern style spices typically used in shawarma kebabs – serve hot, shredded, with bread and fresh salads or as part of a mezze.

Spiced Lamb Pastries
Our take on fatayer, crispy mini pastries eaten across the Levant, filled with lamb cooked with spices and sweet pomegranate molasses. Delicious as a snack, or served as part of a mezze feast.

Dips and Bread

2 Roasted Garlic Flatbread topped with Sumac & Oregano
Our interpretation of man’oushe, a popular Lebanese street food, is delicious served warm.

Houmous with Chickpeas and Spicy Zhoug
Velvety houmous with spice-roasted chickpeas, topped with zhoug, a spicy herb paste popular across the Levant region.

Beetroot, Yogurt & Sumac Dip
This colorful dip brings together a medley of Middle Eastern flavors, with pickled, roasted and raw beetroot, spiced with zesty sumac, cumin, cardamom and coriander. Delicious as an accompaniment to kebabs, grilled meat or fish, or served as part of a mezze feast

Herby Labneh Yogurt Dip
Thick, creamy strained yogurt stirred through with chopped herbs and spring onions, delicious as an accompaniment to spicy dishes.

Feta with Shakshuka Sauce
A mezze dish inspired by a classic Middle Eastern tomato and red pepper sauce.

Halloumi Filo Pastries
Our take on a popular Middle Eastern snack of crispy pastries filled with halloumi, mint and lemon, topped with Aleppo chili flakes.

Freekeh, Black Rice and Chickpeas in a Sumac Dressing
A vibrant salad made with freekeh, a roasted green wheat with a deliciously nutty taste, and spiced with typically Middle Eastern flavors of cinnamon and sumac. Delicious hot or cold.

Sumac Chicken & Fruity Couscous
A fresh, vibrant salad of Middle Eastern flavors with zesty sumac chicken, turmeric and chickpea dip and crunchy pickled red cabbage.

Ingredients and Sauces

Spiced Pomegranate Drizzle
Sweet and sour with warm notes of cinnamon, delicious drizzled over slow-cooked pulled lamb, or on creamy yogurt to serve with spicy dishes. Try it in a mocktail too, stirred into tonic and served over ice.

Mango Amba Sauce
A fruity, spicy sauce with an appealing hint of sourness, typically served as a condiment with kebabs, grilled meats and chicken schnitzel. Delicious drizzled over roasted vegetables or warm grains.

Shawarma Spice Paste
Made with smoky paprika, garlic, onion and sumac, a typically Middle Eastern spice with a zesty citrus flavor. Perfect for marinating kebabs and grills, and delicious with mushrooms.

Turkish Urfa Chilli Flakes
A variety of chili used across the Levant region, smoky, sweet and spicy with a subtle note of licorice. Infuse with oil for drizzling, scatter on flatbreads or sprinkle over creamy yogurt as a side dish.

Lebanese 7 Spice Style Blend
7 spice blends are used across the Middle East, with each part of the region having its own favorite combination. Ours is warm and aromatic, ideal for adding to marinades for chicken or meat


Turkish Delight Ice Cream 
Rich raspberry and rose ice cream swirled with rose sauce, for a modern twist on the traditional Turkish sweet

9 Cherry, Pistachio and Sumac Mini Cupcakes
Pistachio flavor sponge and velvety cherry buttercream infused with sumac, a vibrant, citrusy spice popular across the Levant region