With the popularity of sugar alternatives on the rise, honey—already a classic pantry staple—is having an extra-sweet moment in the spotlight. Trader Joe’s currently offers some fantastic honey, but they haven’t offered a creamed honey in quite some time. So, when the Buyer stumbled upon an opportunity to do so, she pounced—or stung, as it were…

Trader Joe’s Creamed Multi-Floral New Zealand Honey comes from bees pollinating a variety of different flowering trees, shrubs, plants, and other nectar sources. As a result, its flavor profile is a little bit floral, a little bit herbal, and a little bit earthy—kind of like Manuka honey, but less medicinal-tasting. About 80% of New Zealand’s trees and plants are endemic to New Zealand, so the honey is truly regional and unique

The real buzz about this honey, though, is that it’s “Creamed.” Does this mean TJ’s is adding milk products to it? Absolutely not! It means they add microscopic “seed crystals” (finely crystallized honey) to the liquid honey, then stirring it for hours on end to get the perfect, spreadable, luxurious consistency and golden-light color.

Trader Joe’s Creamed Multi-Floral New Zealand Honey is available for $3.99 per one-pound jar.