Trader Joe’s knows their customers love 85% dark chocolate, because of the way their new 85% Dark Chocolate Lover’s Bar has been received—and consumed. The latest dark chocolate bar sticks to this cacao percentage, but instead of coming from the Tumaco region of Colombia, the cacao in this 85% Dark Chocolate Bar comes from Uganda.

The beans are from a series of small farms in Western Uganda, located at the foot of the Rwenzori Mountains. In true bean-to-bar fashion, the cacao is harvested, dried, and fermented in partnership with a 3rd generation, family-owned Italian chocolatier. But don’t assume this partnership is a long-distance relationship. In fact, one of the Italian Executive Directors is based in Uganda where he helps guarantee the origin of the beans from Ugandan farmers who still own the lands on which the cacao is cultivated. It’s a symbiotic partnership that yields some stellar chocolate!

The final result of this African-Italian collaboration is fine, full-flavored, 85% Dark Chocolate that has rich caramel top notes and mildly fruity undertones—with just a slight acidity. TJ’s is selling each 3.5-ounce Uganda Chocolate Bar in stores for $1.69.