Following on the success of our webinar, COVID-19: Leading with Private Brand in early May were Daymon SVP Aimee Becker presented Daymon has released a new whitepaper presenting a deeper dive into her subject. The New Normal 5 Keys to Private Brand Success is designed to help the industry address the fundamental shifts in consumer shopping and spending habits.

Highlights include:

  1. Prioritizing Innovation: The need for innovation across categories has been especially heightened as consumers express added interest in making their daily routines and homemade meals more exciting. Private Brands should continue planned innovation and drive innovation in high growth categories.
  2. Enhancing Solutions: At-home-meets-foodservice consumption behavior will likely persist post-COVID-19. Private Brands should create new foodservice-comparable meal solutions, forge partnerships with local businesses, and promote solutions with creative merchandising.
  3. Educate on Benefits: There will be a desire to return to a sense of normalcy when shopping for groceries. Private Brand communication should emphasize quality, destination-worthy products, and savings
  4. Deliver Inspiration: Consumers are likely to continue a more home-based lifestyle when stay-at-home orders lift and non-essential businesses re-open. Private Brands can deliver inspiration to customers by delivering unique Private Brand recipes and events, as well as distributing unique content such as online or live streaming cooking classes
  5. Lead E-Commerce: Digital shopping services are here to stay. Dedicating online space to Private Brands, along with linking Private Brand solutions for consumer needs is imperative at being at the forefront of digital solutions and top of mind for consumers.