The home-centered consumption habits of the pandemic will have lasting impacts for food retail and Private Brands.

That was the opinion of speakers in a recent My Private Brand webinar, who addressed consumer habits ranging from home cooking to the new importance of eating breakfast at home.

“Moving forward, the home will be very important,” said Seanna Rishor, Vice President of Private Label for the Canadian food retailer Sobeys. “Consumers will be wanting more products that they can cook with. We’re eating real food. We’re making food. We’re eating proper meals.  We’ve seen a lot of uptick in breakfast. So my point of view is that private label has a huge opportunity to capitalize on these new meal habits.”

Aimee Becker, Senior Vice President, Strategic Advisory, Daymon, said her company’s research found 60% of shoppers are planning to eat at home more.

“Clearly the home is going to become a much more important center point for eating and entertaining,” she said.

The focus on home-based consumption creates more opportunities for categories from healthy snacks to innovative meal solutions, she said.

“Consumers will be much more interested in upscale, restaurant-type quality and inspiring meal solutions,” she said.

Wesley Bean, Senior Vice President of the Global Retail Network for Catalina USA, said the new dynamics around breakfast means that “breakfast is really the new dinner.”

He explained that breakfast has become the “social occasion of the day, where you gather together as a family, that you spend time cooking a breakfast rather than grabbing something as you’re heading out the door. You’re spending that time to socialize and commune together as a family before the start of the day.”

The breakfast trend has led to surges in sales of items such as pancake mix and breakfast sausages, and it’s created new possibilities for Private Brand, he said.

“The pancake now becomes your center of the plate item and you begin to add private label coffee, juice or other ways to extend that brand loyalty,” he explained.

The My Private Brand webinar is now available on-demand. During the webinar, Christopher Durham, president of My Private Brand, spotlighted the upcoming Velocity Global, the virtual conference from My Private Brand, set for August.


All presentations from this year’s Velocity Global are now available on demand. If you could not attend, tickets are still available for purchase to gain access to this compelling content.