Canada’s second-largest grocery retailer, Sobeys has launched a new marketing campaign in support of its Vertex Award-winning private brand Compliments. In an article in the online Canadian trade magazine Strategy Sandra Sanderson, SVP of marketing for Sobeys, calls it the “largest private label marketing campaign in our company’s history.”

Strategy Sandra Sanderson, SVP of marketing, Sobeys

The marketing includes an integrated campaign with TV, online videos, and digital billboards and 100 new Compliments branded tractor-trailers. Additionally, the retailer has introduced a redesigned site and a lifestyle-focused influencer and PR media strategy.

“What we wanted to do with that is to reposition the brand in the minds of consumers as being the equivalent quality to national brands, but offered at a better price point,” Sanderson says. All creative utilizes the tagline “we all deserve Compliments,” a message that conveys the brand as a higher-quality choice at a price point consumers can treat themselves to.

The new Voila grocery delivery service is also distributing free samples of Compliments products. “We figure that’s a great way to create awareness of Compliments and also to deliver value to customers who are trying out Voila for the first time,” Sanderson said.