Over the last year, Walmart owned club store Sam’s Club has featured its associates on its official news/blog Sam’s Club News. Their latest post features a look at Jonathan Stiers Creative Director for the retailer’s Vertex Award-winning private brand Member’s Mark packaging.

Sam’s Club Hires Magic Makers (Seriously, It’s a Thing!)

What if we told you it was someone’s job at Sam’s Club to make you believe?

Most of us would probably say we don’t believe in magic. It’s just kid stuff. Enter Sam’s Club’s magic maker… yes, that job really exists!

Meet Jonathan Stiers. His real title is Creative Director for Member’s Mark packaging, but he has a team of magicians ready to make you a true believer.

“Our team is responsible for bringing our products to life in unique and creative ways that our members get excited about,” Jonathan said of his team, who help prepare items for you to create that magical experience for your family. “Hopefully if we’ve done our jobs, we inspire them to take our products home.”

Jonathan joined Sam’s Club in 2017, but he has been with Walmart since 1997, when he joined as a graphic designer in Marketing, creating department signs while in college. He said the company has always had an interest making sure its associates can work on their passion.

“Even 23 years ago, the company provided flexibility, allowing me to finish my last semester of college as I took my last couple of classes throughout the day,” he said. “It was a true testament to the company investment in their associates.”

Jonathan earned his degree and has been creating magical experiences ever since. He has been an Art Director, a Creative Packaging Designer for every major holiday, and a Creative Director of many brands you recognize at Walmart.

“I’m proud that the company sees the importance and value in creative roles, but you also have to leverage those moments to help pave a path of your own. Throughout my career with the company, whenever I’ve felt like I needed a new challenge, one has presented itself and I’ve learned so much as a result. This would not have happened if I weren’t open to growth.” – Jonathan Stiers, Creative Director, Sam’s Club

And now, he’s leading a team of magicians (creatives), working to bring the magic to all of us through design, ambiance and glitz and glamour. “I have a great team and I’m thrilled and lucky that I get to work with them each day,” he said, adding that the diversity of his job is endless. “One day we’re designing a beautiful label for one of our wines and the next we’re doing a large-scale photo shoot showcasing our holiday product.”

If you’ve been to Sam’s Club recently, you’ve probably already interacted with Jonathan and his team since they are responsible for decorating the packaging for all things Member’s Mark, Sam’s Club’s private brand. “My team and I are responsible for developing best-in-class packaging with exceptional product photography,” he said, acknowledging the ambiance drives the magic. “It’s crucial to tell the item’s story. Packaging has to be our silent salesperson – so it has to work extra hard for us.”

It’s that creativity that takes us back to our childhood and Jonathan hopes that allows us to be inspired to believe in magic again, if only for a fleeting moment.

“Creative, smart, energetic and ambitious people inspire and motivate me,” he said. “When I see beautiful designs or beautifully designed spaces, places or things, or talk with another creative, it makes me want to go create something in hopes that I inspire others.”

So, do you believe?