KDV, one of the largest food-holding companies in Russia and the owner of the retailer Yarche who has almost 700 grocery corner stores in Siberia, Moscow, and Moscow Oblast. The company attempted to sell private brand pre-prepared food at Yarche one year ago, but the range was too simple, and cheap-looking it subsequently failed to meet sales expectations.

The company decided to reposition the chain to attract a new audience: more young people and those who care about the healthy ingredients of the products. The stores changed their assortment from traditional convenience: cigarettes and cheap alcohol to more fruits and vegetables. They started brewing natural coffee, launched a deli counter, where a chef makes salads, pasta, and freshly squeezed juices on request. The pre-prepared private brand food design now corresponds to the new image of Yarche – it is healthy, fresh, natural, and well-priced.

Like most private brands the design concept is meant for a large number of products. The brand is planned to grow to up to one hundred dishes and drinks. Secondly, the design needed to appeal to the appetite the entire READY2EAT line is sold in closed packaging — the food is not visible. This means the design should attract attention and whet the appetite.

Lovemedo branding agency created an adaptive style system consists of elements that are usually associated with products of higher quality: dark background, spectacular food photos, vibrant color accents.

The results: The first READY2EAT products are out in stores now. The package design is solid, reinforces the quality of food, and stands out on the shelf.