Russian home goods retailer Perekrestok retail chain has introduced its first private brand of paper goods and home/cooking accessories. Home Story was created by Russian agency Clёver Branding.

According to the agency Home Story is targeted to family women aged 30-49 who associate their life with beautiful and comfortable things. It is very important for these women to give their family members the best, they strive to raise the quality of life in their home to a European level. They are guided by the lifestyle of celebrities, carefully study the trends in the development of interiors in glossy magazines and Western TV shows. They vitally need their home to be clean and safe.

Especially for such demanding consumers, the Home Story brand was created. The key role of the new brand is to help Russian women create a European quality of life for their families through an assortment of quality, effective, and environmentally friendly home care products at an affordable price. Wet wipes, food parchment, dish-washing sponges, cleaning wipes, and wet toilet paper were the first products to launch in Home Story.

After a thorough study of the market and the behavioral characteristics of the target audience, the agency chose three key messages that should have been reflected in the visual component of the new brand: purity, naturalness, and “European” chic. Packaging for Home Story products has become a reflection of absolute perfection in everything: a perfectly clean tablecloth combined with natural green colors indicate the effectiveness of Home Story products and inspire confidence among the most demanding housewives.