In June 2019. The Rukavychka (Glove) supermarket chain opened a flagship store in Lviv, where it wanted to separate the takeout food area. And a few weeks before the opening agency Mirrolab, created a new private brand with a logo that became the mark of the To Go department, remaining part of the Glove.

It is based on a unique font style of the name To Go in the style of the chain and a graphic element of the “Glove” logo. For shopping areas, it was placed in a bubble with diagonal orange stripes in the background.

The most delicious is the packaging. Focused on young lovers of fast food, who are in a hurry to work or study and do not have time to look for the right taste on the shelf. The most important thing for them is speed. Therefore, the main task of To Go packaging is to simplify the choice. Quickly navigate the color, quickly choose the taste of the picture, buy quickly, eat quickly.

The fillings showed appetizing images of specific ingredients. But no more than one or two slices on the package – so it’s easier to see the flavor. Speed ​​and dynamics were conveyed by diagonal stripes that were borrowed from the wall of the To Go department. They attract attention, look dynamic, and play integrally with the interior.

To choose even faster and easier, products were divided into 4 categories. Each assigned its own color in agreement with the main ingredient. Therefore, if you love fish and have already bought it here – next time you reach for the blue. Grab and to go!