Continente ECO is the Portuguese retailer Continente’s new private brand of ecological products for cleaning the home, clothes and paper, which combines environmental sustainability with efficiency and affordable prices and is on sale, starting today, in all the brand’s stores.

The range includes more than 15 SKUs, from paper products – kitchen roll, napkins, and toilet paper – to garbage bags (from 20 to 150 liters) and kitchen cleaning – detergent and grease remover -, cleaning linen – detergent – and home cleaning – toilet gel, wash everything, cleaning cream and glass cleaner. They are environmentally friendly products, produced with sustainable raw materials, biodegradable ingredients (detergents and paper) and recycled and recyclable packaging.

‘Because our house doesn’t end at home’. We are aware of the growing concern for the planet, which we all have as consumers, but the offer of ‘green’ products is usually scarce and not very accessible. We want to make the change in consumer habits real, and for that it is decisive to offer sustainable products that deliver all efficiency at an affordable price ”, says Ana Alves, Commercial Director for Private Brands of the Continent.

The packaging of Continente ECO products have symbols that help to identify the attributes of each article and that represent the commitments of the new brand: 100% natural fragrance (obtained through the extraction of essential oils, mainly from vegetables), 100% vegetable origin (derived from flowers, leaves, roots, stems, fruits and seeds) and without artificial brighteners (free of chemicals whose function is to give the sensation of brightness and whitening to paper products). Like all Continente products, recycling iconography is present in all packaging to help consumers in the correct preparation and separation of waste for recycling.

In order to help those who also defend the planet, part of the sales of Continente ECO products reverts to the Portuguese Firefighters League, for its work in the protection of citizens, in the preservation of forests and in the fight against fires.

“Sustainability is in the DNA of the Continente brand. We carry out our activity based on an ‘eco-efficiency’ logic, which consolidates environmental efficiency with economic efficiency. In this context, the challenge has passed, and will continue to pass, through the constant search for new solutions that respond to the needs of people but also of the Planet. We argue that access to sustainable products should be for everyone and hence the importance of this new brand in the “family” Continente ”, explains Ana Alves.

The paper products under the Continente ECO brand are certified: 100% recycled and produced from used beverage cartons and sent for recycling, carefully selected to ensure the best quality, strength and smoothness.

The production of Continente Eco paper does not require the felling of trees and consumes less water and energy than traditional products, produced from virgin paper. “If all Portuguese families replace 1 traditional paper package with Continente Eco paper, it is possible to save more than 160 thousand trees” defends the Commercial Director of Continente.

Ana Alves also explains that“Continente ECO garbage bags are produced with 100% recycled plastic, in which we incorporate plastic from our stores and operations, reducing the impact on the environment by more than 750 tons of virgin plastic ”. The bags are produced in Portugal by a specialized supplier that guarantees the most stringent safety and quality controls.

Continente’s own brand is now doing 30 years of continuous work in search of the best answers to the daily needs of Portuguese consumers. In the 90s, the brand focused on constituting a competitive offer, based on essential products for Portuguese families, but as the years passed and the needs of consumers evolved, the brand grew and expanded the range and investing more and more in the quality, diversity and innovation of its products, always at the most competitive price.

One of the main commitments of the Continent is to anticipate to 2025 the ambition defined by the European Union for 2030, that all the plastic packaging of the brand placed on the market are reusable or can be recycled in an economically efficient way. In fact, in addition to the commitment of all reusable, recyclable or compostable packaging, Continente also takes on the mission of incorporating at least 30% recycled plastic in all packaging that integrates this material, by 2025.