British online retailer has launched a major refresh of its private brand, part of the retailer’s wider rebrand from green ‘apple’ to purple ‘grape’. The newly refreshed range includes new products, enhanced sustainability credentials, including 27 tons less plastic and the removal of 9 million non-essential packaging components, based on sales in 2020, as well as new bright, contemporary artwork.

The full range of refreshed Ocado own-range products will be available to purchase online at from Wednesday 17th March 2021.

Rachel Cox Reynolds, head of own-range and technical compliance says:​ “We have been busy working on a new look and feel to the Ocado own-range for some time now and are delighted to be able to share the final results. Each and every one of our own-range items have received a fresh makeover featuring brighter colors and bolder patterns, just in time for the Spring.  “These products, with their updated imagery, continue to demonstrate the great quality  that Ocado customers have come to expect, whilst also offering superb value for money  for our customers.”

Standout range

Ocado’s much-loved private brand comprises over 530 products at competitive prices,  including kitchen-classics such as coffee, berries, salad, and tinned goods, many of which have accumulated consistent 5-star customer reviews.

There are brand new additions to the range, such as Moroccan Inspired Houmous,  Cheese & Chive Dip and Chimichurri British Flat Iron Steak. Fairly priced, the new products bolster Ocado’s famously wide range of over 49,000 products. There will also be new items revealed gradually as part of seasonal offerings throughout the year.

The bold new packaging design has been created in collaboration with the agency Jones Knowles Ritchie (JKR). Being an online retailer with a digital-first approach, it is important for Ocado that products look great on screens of all sizes, as well as at home in cupboards and fridges. To make the products stand out, the new packaging features bright, vibrant colors and product-inspired artwork.

As the UK’s most sustainable grocer, improving the green credentials of the private brand packaging was a high priority for Ocado. Across the range, 27 tons less plastic packaging has been used, 640,000 plastic nets have been taken away and at least 9  million non-essential packaging components have been removed. As part of these efforts, the new packaging includes a number of modifications. For example, instead of an adhesive label on Ocado own brand egg boxes, the new design has product information printed directly onto the box, which has in itself saved 10 tonnes of paper per year, and the color has changed from green to white – both changes making it easier to recycle.

Ocado recognizes the importance of ensuring that its impact on people, animals, and the environment is positive and sustainable in the long term – this has been front of mind during the development of the refreshed range. Ocado’s long-standing commitment to high standards of animal welfare has been upheld, ensuring that all milk, poultry, and  UK-sourced red meat are from suppliers that adhere to the Red Tractor Standards. In addition, all own-range eggs are free-range and all fish is sustainably and responsibly sourced.

Ocado is a founding member of the UK Plastics Pact – a group of businesses working together to create a circular economy for plastics to keep them out of the natural environment. As part of this, PVC, polystyrene, and black plastics have been eliminated from all own-range packaging and it is Ocado’s intention for all items to be 100%  recyclable and made from at least 30% recycled materials by 2025.

Laura Harricks, chief customer officer at Ocado Retail

Laura Harricks, chief customer officer at Ocado Retail says:​ “It’s so important to us that we are able to delight customers through our range, value and convenience but we also recognize the importance of ensuring that our impact on people, animals, and the environment is positive and sustainable in the long term.  “We’re delighted that the refreshed collection has given us the opportunity to improve the sustainability credentials of our own-range packaging whilst maintaining high quality and great prices. We are proud of the steps forward we’ve made here – the  bright, bold packaging is just the icing on the cake.”

Private Brand and wider rebrand 
Since Ocado began in 2000, a lot has changed with the rise of digital and the company recognizes the importance of making the brand stand out on all digital platforms, not just desktop. As part of the wider rebrand, Ocado has refreshed its font and swirl logo –  making them more distinctive when viewed in a small size, on a phone screen for example. The new custom font, Ocado Full Fig, has been designed exclusively by type foundry F37 and complements the redrawn logo. The new color of purple, inspired by grapes, was selected in order to give the brand a more distinct identity in the grocery retail market which already has many shades of green. The font, logo, and new color mark the beginning of Ocado’s future with a new supply partner, Marks & Spencer.