PlantX, a new plant-based products retailer and cafe will open its first U.S. location in San Diego in December 1, 2020. The retail brand is brought to life by a partnership between its Canadian ecommerce owner Vegaste Technologies Corp. and Liv Marketplace LLC.

The retailer plans to carry plant-based vitamins and supplements, chocolate bars, groceries from popular plant-based brands, private brand products and PlantX-branded water. In addition, the San Diego store will include amenities such as a plant-based education center, coffee shop, a restaurant with plant-based meals made by LA-based chef Gregg Drusinsky, and grab-and-go meals from PlantX’s menu featured on

“The idea is for the San Diego location to help further that community vibe we have been creating online,” said Alexandra Hoffman, the Company’s Chief Marketing Officer. “We want customers to come in and feel like they can ask anything. Education is always behind everything we do at PlantX, so this store will be a place where people can come in and find new ways to enhance their healthy lifestyles.”

“From the E-commerce side of things, heading into the holiday season we couldn’t ask for a better launch than December 1st,” said Sean Dollinger, PlantX founder.

“San Diego is the heart of diversity and all inclusion. After living here for all of my life, it is clear to say that this city radiates good energy and warmth,” said Lexi Namou, Liv Marketplace Direct of US Operations. “It’s a pleasure to expand with such an uplifting company while creating support for all plant-based lifestyles, and inspiring others who are yet to join this way of life as well. We couldn’t be more proud to expand our plant-based journey in a welcoming and supportive community.”

‘Having a brick and mortar location, especially in such a great neighborhood in San Diego, is a huge leap forward for us,” said Julia Frank, the Company’s CEO. “This is only the beginning of our expansion and will showcase the type of community we plan to build.”