Dutch retailer Jumbo has introduced a new range of private brand dairy products that features three farmers from the Netherlands on the packaging of six artisanal products. They are the first suppliers of the retailer’s newest private brand dairy line, ‘Direct van de Boerderij’ (direct from the farm).

Farmer Kees, farmer Ernst and farmer Jacoline share a passion for fair, traditional dairy, animal welfare and biodiversity. For example, the Jersey cows of farmer Kees from Agelo in Twente graze on herb-rich grassland. Jersey cows are known for their creamy and protein-rich milk. The cows that produce milk with an extra high protein content are specially selected for the semi-skimmed Jersey milk. As a result, this milk contains on average 30% more protein than a regular milk variant. “The pure quality is achieved by processing the milk directly and without additives in the small-scale factory on our own yard,” says farmer Kees. “I very consciously want to preserve the natural landscape here in Twente, the grassland full of herbs, shrubbery and flower borders. By supplying directly to Jumbo with Direct van de Boerderij, I receive an extra charge for my dairy. This offers extra room to invest in nature and in the product. Moreover, it is wonderful to see my milk on the Jumbo shelf within a short period of time.”

Tastes like the old days
Farmer Ernst from Wells in Gelderland is also proud of his product, which is still churned in the traditional way. The buttermilk, therefore, tastes like before, creamy, nicely full and with a slight acidity. Farmer Ernst’s butter is characterized by the same pure taste. A traditional method of preparation is also highly valued by farmer Jacoline from de Weerribben, who supplies organic full-fat cottage cheese and yogurt for Direct van de Boerderij. These products are matured for an extra-long time, which benefits the taste.

Clear origin
“We are very pleased to be able to add these tasty, high-quality, local products to our dairy range,” says Olaf de Boer, Commercial Director of Jumbo. “Customers are increasingly asking for honest and local products with a clear origin. By entering into a partnership with these passionate farmers, we can shorten the chain together. In addition, our customers are assured that these farmers provide a beautiful and tasty product, with an eye for animals and nature.”

Innovations in the dairy shelf: vegetable & fiber-rich yogurt
The first six products of the new Direct van de Boerderij dairy line are available this week in almost all Dutch Jumbo supermarkets. At the same time, Jumbo is also introducing a completely plant-based line of fresh products on the dairy shelf. This new offer contains ten different products for different eating moments, from breakfast to dessert. Jumbo thus meets the increasing need of customers for plant-based alternatives to animal products such as milk. In addition to a vegetable alternative to yogurt with coconut, for example, vegetable drinks based on soy and almonds are also part of this range, which Jumbo wants to expand further in the long term. New in the Jumbo dairy shelf is also two fiber-rich yogurt varieties that promote good intestinal function. These low-fat dairy products in mango and blueberry flavors are free of added fats and sugars and contain extra grains from oats and wheat. The addition of these healthy ingredients contributes to achieving the recommended amount of fiber per day.