Welcome and A Look at the 2021 Vertex Awards

  • Christopher Durham, President, MY PRIVATE BRAND

Inside a Craft Beer Brand Collaboration – AHOLD DELHAIZE

  • Paul Skozilas, Design Manager, AHOLD DELHAIZE / Peapod Digital Labs
  • April Snider, Designer, AHOLD DELHAIZE / Peapod Digital Labs
  • Tommy Tran, Designer, AHOLD DELHAIZE / Peapod Digital Labs

5 Things I’ve Learned from Judging the Vertex Awards

Maria Dubuc, President, MARKETING BY DESIGN (MBD)

Insights from the Vertex Awards Judges

      • Tatiana Ryfer, Head of Branding & Visual Identity, CARREFOUR
      • Steven Cox, Creative Director, DAYMON
      • Hamish Campbell, VP Executive Creative Director, PEARLFISHER
      • Vickie VanHurley, Ph.D, Professor & Brand Consultant
      • Loe Limpens, Co- Founder & Managing Partner, YELLOW DRESS RETAIL

Say it loud, say it clear: how semiotics can help your brand design keep up with culture

      • Gauthier Boche, VP Strategy and Innovation MARKS EUROPE
      • Jennifer Murtell, VP Strategy and Innovation MARKS APAC

Creating KOI a new Coles Australia Private Brand

  • Lisa-Marie Pejovnik, Marketing Manager, COLES
  • Mikey Hart, Creative Director, HULSBOSCH

Meet the Agency of the Year – Large: EQUATOR

Reimagining Private Brand Design: Optimization, Phygital & Sustainability

  • Charlene Codner, Chief Creative Officer, FISH AGENCY

Private Brand Print Quality & Color Management Matters!

  • Mike Grady, VP Global Partnerships, IDEALLIANCE
  • Christine Gallagher, Global Brand Leader, X-RITE/PANTONE

Retailer of the Year: Europe, Asia, The Middle East, Oceania, & Africa – JUMBO

Day Two

Welcome – A Look at THE YEAR AHEAD

  • Christopher Durham, President, MY PRIVATE BRAND

Building the future of private brand with Gen-Z – METRO CANADA

  • Marie-France Gibson, VP of Private Brand, METRO INC
  • Christina Essue, Director, Strategy – Brand + Creative, PIGEON BRANDS

Retailer of the Year: AMERICAS – WHOLE FOODS

  • Brianna Blanton, Package Design & Compliance Team Leader, WHOLE FOODS MARKET
  • Jennifer Light, Team Leader, Package Design, WHOLE FOODS MARKET
  • Thomas Crookham, Director, Exclusive Brands, WHOLE FOODS MARKET

Packaging Design Playlists – Spinning Private Brand

  • Hernán Braberman, Partners & Executive Design Director, TRIDIMAGE

Designing Thrive Market

  • Savannah McAnally, Sr. Design Manager, Packaging & Brand, THRIVE MARKET
  • Elise Crevier, Head of Creative, THRIVE MARKET

Is joined-up thinking driving your brands forward or do siloed ways of working hold you back?

  • Michael Duffy, Global Creative Director EQUATOR
  • Matt Caldwell, Global MD, EQUATOR
  • Marjorie Murphy, VP Client Service UK/IE/AUS & Strategy Director, EQUATOR

Meet the Agency of the Year – Boutique: SUPPERSTUDIO

Vertex Retail Winners Panel

      • Dan Reilly, VP Brand and Product Management, STAPLES
      • Savannah McAnally, Sr. Design Manager, Packaging & Brand, THRIVE MARKET
      • Jason Hobson, Creative Director, SOBEYS
      • Bryan Killiany, Creative Director – Store Brands Portfolio, CVS Health


Private Brand Insights – Marketing by Design (MBD)

Private Brand & The Plant-Based Consumer – Marks

Research, But Not Like You Know It – EQUATOR

Phygital Marketing in the Private Brand Space – FISH

Multi-Enterprise Platform for Food & Formulation – BAMBOO ROSE


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