In mid-September, I unveiled the Manifesto for a Private Brand Revolution at the second annual at Velocity: The My Private Brand Conference. The manifesto calls for bold change and a complete mind shift. It calls for retailers to believe in the power of their brands and the ability of a great private brand to help them differentiate and win.

At the Velocity Conference, we distributed posters to each attendee and challenged everyone to put theirs in their offices or cubes. Nobody goes to work aiming to win second place. It’s time to WIN!

Are you ready to join the revolution?

Manifesto for a Private Brand Revolution

To our customers, CEOs, and shareholders
To our buyers, partners, and manufacturers
We will not settle for second place
We are not the death of brand
We are the BRAND

We believe

  • Our brands increase our right to win
  • Our brands increase our right to win
  • Our brand portfolio is our most valuable asset
  • Brands must be unique and ownable
  • Brand is trust, earn it
  • Strategy drives change
  • Great design is essential to our success
  • Meaningful innovation is critical to success
  • Quality is our uncompromising obligation

We will

  • Dare to be different
  • Innovate fearlessly
  • Solve problems
  • Create a unique strategy portfolio strategy
  • Embrace disruption
  • Embed design in or DNA
  • Shout it from the rooftops
  • Passionately grow our brands

We will build brands
Merchants CHAMPION and Customers LOVE
We will WIN!