When it came time to name this new sauce/condiment/gift from the gods, there were many contenders. In the end, though, its utter magnificence dictated that only >>>cue booming superhero voice<<< Magnifisauce would do.

What’s so magnificent about Trader Joe’s Magnifisauce? Only… everything. The retailer was inspired by some famous condiments that are not widely available and that do, in other places, require the purchase of other comestibles. Unlike our primary source of inspiration, our version of this special spread is available across the country, and we do not require additional purchases. (Though you are, as always, welcome to shop for what suits your mood in the moment.) Magnifisauce is a truly special sauce whose flavors harken to an array of classic condiments; it’s a mustard-mayo-ketchup-relish kind of blend, with the subtle tang of vinegar and a spread of spices. In other words, it’s made with “slow-food”

A 9.5-ounce squeeze bottle is available for $2.99.