Dutch grocer Jumbo Supermarkten has introduced Lekker Veggie, the new private brand range of vegetarian and vegan products. Lekker Veggie is the successor to the successful Veggie Chef, which in three years has become a household name among vegetarians, vegans and customers who want to eat meat less often. The new line with modern classics such as falafel and crumbly minced meat is in the shops from today and will be expanded in week 37 with new innovations, such as a vegan stew and a fresh vegetarian meatball. The recipes of the current range have also been improved by reducing the salt and sugar content while retaining flavor. The new product line has a more sustainable packaging in a playful and contemporary design. Lekker Veggie initially has 42 different products.

With the new line, Jumbo encourages a varied diet that is good for people and the environment. “With Lekker Veggie, we are entering a new phase with our range of vegetarian and vegan products,” says Olaf de Boer, Commercial Director of Jumbo. “Plant-based alternatives to fish and meat have received considerable attention in recent years, and by no means only among vegetarians and vegans. We notice that more and more Jumbo customers put a day without meat on the weekly menu, sometimes even several days a week. We respond to this with these meat substitutes. Take the vegetarian crispy chicken schnitzel. This tastes good and is similar in texture, color and appearance to distinguish from one chicken cutlet of poultry. “

Tasty and healthy range
The Lekker Veggie offering builds on much-loved Veggie Chef products, including modern classics such as crumbly minced meat, falafel and the hamburger. The recipes for the products have been completely renewed and improved. Particular attention was paid to important health aspects, such as reducing the amount of salt and sugar while preserving taste. In total, this amounts to about 4,000 kilos less sugar and 3,000 kilos less salt per year. This salt and sugar reduction is in line with Jumbo’s route to making its house brand healthier. The line will be further expanded with new products such as the stew and fresh meatball, which will be available from week 37. Jumbo also has a first with the vegetarian stew, never before was one on the market.

More sustainable packaging
The introduction of Lekker Veggie is accompanied by new, more sustainable packaging solutions. For example, the products are freshly packaged in a transparent tray made from 100% recycled PET bottles. The so-called sleeve with product information consists of FSC-certified cardboard and is almost halved compared to the previous sleeve. This ensures both less packaging waste and a better view of the freshness of the product. The packaging of the Lekker Veggie line is playful and ties in well with the growing demand for vegetarian and vegan products.