Today I am excited to tell you about the 6 roundtables on the agenda for the inaugural  My Private Brand Virtual Sustainability Summit, this coming Thursday, October 15.

The roundtables provide a personal and interactive setting for networking and exploring critical issues in Private Brand sustainability. Each discussion is moderated by an industry leader who facilitates substantive discussion.

Don’t miss your chance to join the conversation!


Partnering Together: Setting Mutual Sustainability Goals  

Brandon Wehmeyer, Director of Private Brands, Boxed

Brandon will moderate a discussion on how retailers and suppliers can work together to set and achieve private brand sustainability goals.

The Biggest Hurdle? Internal Buy-in!  

Eli Browne, Director, Corporate Sustainability, Sobeys
Jason Hobson, Creative Director, Private Label, Sobeys

Eli and Jason will moderate a discussion on private brand sustainability, focusing on internal buy-in challenges & opportunities.

Making Imperfect packaging Less Imperfect

David Ziegler-Voll, Director of Design & Creative, Imperfect Foods

David will be discussing how small improvements in packaging can add up to less waste. Additionally, he will be explaining how storytelling can be used to educate consumers on how to create less waste in their homes.

It’s Not Easy Being Green!

Maria Dubuc, President, MBD

As we’ve shifted to a world more concerned with safety precautions over environmental efforts, some of the green acts are being challenged, especially in sustainable packaging.

Does this mean we should stop our efforts toward sustainable initiatives? No! It’s the opposite! It’s now more important than ever for retailers and private brands to take a stand because of the added scrutiny of shoppers.

What is a Private Brand’s Obligation in owning what they create?

Katie Kelly-Landberg, SVP of Account Leadership, Periscope

This roundtable will explore both personal and corporate responsibilities for what retailers create and put into the world.

Evaluating the Social Impact of Private Brand

Sarah Binion, Sr. Director Impact, Research, and Learning at Fair Trade USA

From Data to Impact: How Fair Trade partners with private brands to research, measure, and evaluate social impact.