This week British retailer John Lewis parent company of Waitrose announced plans to appeal to a broader group of shoppers and their wide range of needs with the launch of a new private brand called ‘ANYDAY’ spanning homeware, technology, baby care and baby clothing. The range will focus on delivering enhanced value in the products customers love and need for daily life, while maintaining the John Lewis promise of quality and trust.

Over 2,400 ANYDAY stylish, thoughtfully-designed products are available to purchase on and will be available when our shops open from Monday, April 12. In the autumn we will expand the range into new categories, adding over one thousand more products.

The launch is a critical element of their turnaround strategy, which aims to grow market leadership across homeware, technology, baby care and baby clothing. One of the retailer’s founding principles was offering value for money and they are reaffirming their commitment to this concept. Another principle of John Lewis’ business is being creators – their team design and make unique products that customers can’t get anywhere else and

they’re expanding this through ANYDAY.

The products will be their most affordable to date and have been designed for and around our customers’ lives, whether they’re shopping for their first home or want to make their home more stylish. ANYDAY prices are on average 20% lower than current own brand prices, with some as much as 40% cheaper and each piece has been carefully designed so that form and function sit alongside quality and style.

Pippa Wicks, Partner & Executive Director at John Lewis

Pippa Wicks, Partner & Executive Director at John Lewis, said: “The ANYDAY range signals a step-change in the modernizing of our brand and offers customers John Lewis quality at prices they wouldn’t expect. We want to challenge value perceptions of John Lewis and  attract a broader group of shoppers who want to combine style and value. This range has been specifically designed around how our customers live today. Whatever they need, we will have a product which suits their budget, from space-saving products, cost-effective baby clothes and affordable technology to portable pAnyday couchieces renters can take with them when they move. This launch is a return to our commitment to offer great value for money, but it’s also an exciting opportunity to build on our own brand strengths and supercharge them for the future.”

When developing the ANYDAY brand, the retailer’s product designers responded to customer feedback about key moments in their lives and the fact that we didn’t offer enough options at lower price points. The most important moments for customers included:

  • Furnishing a first home – from equipping it with the basics to doing renovations
  • Making a rented space feel more homely – using products that can be adapted to suit the space and that can also go with you when you move
  • Enjoying home and hosting – from celebrating with family and friends to adding flourishes to freshen up the house
  • Preparing a nursery and baby essentials for a new arrival, making sure you have all you need to feel comfortable and prepared
  • Topping up on everyday items as children grow – from school uniform essentials to everyday basics

The brand ranges in price from £1.50 for a face cloth to £499 for a three-seater sofa, and spans eight key areas of the home; The Bedroom, Dining Room, Living Room, Kitchen, Bathroom, Nursery, Home Office and Outdoor.


  1. Ribbed Mug in White, Steel Grey, Lapis Blue and Mustard -£2
  2. Ripple Cereal Bowl – £3
  3. Black and white tasseled cushion – £15
  4. Black Edge Aluminium Mirror – £20
  5. High chair – £35
  6. Shower radio, blue £39
  7. Dot Stacking stools in blue, green and grey – £49 each
  8. Skye Jute rug 120 x 180 -£80
  9. Elementary Cot bed – £110 and foam cot mattress £25
  10. Decorative Metal bed in Black – £299