What’s more fun than grabbing a mini Cone out of the freezer for a sweet, chilly thrill? As with most things, the answer is making sure that even more folks can join in on the fun. With Trader Joe’s private brand Hold The Dairy! Chocolate Mini Cones, now that fun isn’t just limited to those who eat dairy. They’re made with a Non Dairy Frozen Dessert made primarily from coconut milk and vegan chocolate, neatly pre-scooped into a crisp, crunchy, and slightly sweet wafer cone.

While these Cones were designed with those avoiding dairy in mind, the truth is that anyone who enjoys a good chocolate ice cream cone will enjoy the comfy creaminess and satisfying crunch. They make a great after-work or after-school pick-me-up, a nice dessert option for potlucks and dinner parties, or even a good pick for a light and nimble anytime snack.