Publix is kicking off the New Year with eight indulgent limited-edition. Publix Premium private brand ice cream flavors. The range includes:

  • Hula Hula Macadamia: Whipped cream ice cream with ribbons of caramel and macadamia brittle
  • Irish Crème Salted Caramel: Irish crème-flavored ice cream with a rich caramel sea salt swirl and caramel truffles
  • Peanut Butter Pie: Peanut butter cheesecake-flavored ice cream with swirls of Mackinac peanut butter cookie ribbons and chocolate-flavored pieces
  • Strawberry Shortcake: Butter-crème flavored ice cream swirled with ribbons of chunky strawberry-flavored sauce and layered with squares of soft shortcake
  • Chocolate Cookie Quarry: Rich chocolate ice cream with decadent chocolate cookie crumb swirls and chunks of chocolate sandwich cookies
  • White Chocolate Raspberry: White chocolate-flavored ice cream with ribbons of raspberry sauce, dotted with white chocolate raspberry-flavored swirled chips
  • Lemon Berry Bliss: Lemon crème-flavored ice cream with lemonade-flavored flakes and blueberry-flavored swirls
  • New Orleans Caramel Praline: Brown sugar ice cream with swirls of thick caramel and crunchy praline pecans

Give Publix the Scoop

You asked. Publix listened. For the first time ever, the retailer is giving shoppers the opportunity to decide which fan-favorite limited-edition ice cream will return next year. Shoppers can vote for their favorite here now through February 17.

Here are the six delicious contenders.

  1. Barnie’s Cool Café Blues: Barnie’s coffee-flavored ice cream with ribbons of cinnamon-rum sauce, sprinkled with glazed pecans
  2. Fried Ice Cream: Honey-cinnamon-flavored ice cream with cinnamon cone flakes and swirls of honey-cinnamon sauce throughout
  3. Triple Chocolate Graham Slam: Chocolate ice cream with a fudgy brownie swirl and chocolate-coated graham cracker pieces
  4. Toffee Apple: Caramel-flavored ice cream with a chunky apple swirl and buttercrunch candy
  5. Bananas Foster: Spiced cinnamon- and banana-flavored ice cream with a savory brown sugar and rum swirl
  6. Tin Roof Sundae: Vanilla ice cream with a chocolate fudge swirl and chocolate-coated peanuts

Voting is now open!