Dutch grocer Jumbo Supermarkten is testing the “Brood van Brood” (Bread of Bread) concept. Jumbo uses return bread to bake new, fresh bread. Initially, it concerns Jumbo private brand Knip Wit and Knip Whole grain bread. With this pilot Jumbo wants to further combat waste in its food chain and Jumbo is investigating expansion into other types of bread.

Making new bread from bread is an ancient traditional baking principle that Jumbo and its bread bakers breathe new life into. Daily fresh prepackaged white and wholemeal bread that comes back from the shops is crumbled, water and sourdough culture are added, after which it develops into a pre-dough in special kettles. This is used as an ingredient for the ‘Brood van Brood’ cutting breads. “At Jumbo, we are proud of the introduction of ‘Brood van Brood’,” says Olaf de Boer, Commercial Director. “Not only because it is a beautiful, traditional product with a very rich taste, but also because it is in line with our goal of further reducing food waste. In addition to our smart ordering process, with which we can make forecasts about quantities to be sold based on cash register data, we want to further tackle the waste of bread with ‘Brood van Brood’. If our customers embrace this, we will expand this baking principle to more types of bread. ”

Toine Timmermans of the Together Against Food Waste Foundation is enthusiastic about the concept: “Bread is one of the most wasted products, both on the shop floor and at consumers’ homes. It is great that Jumbo is putting the concept of ‘Brood van Brood’ on the market and in this way prevents the waste of bread. I sincerely hope that this way of baking bread will become the standard in the future. In addition, it is of course important to avoid return bread as much as possible. “

Jumbo is introducing ‘Brood van Brood’ White and cut Whole wheat are sold prepackaged in units of 800 grams (whole bread) for € 1.50 each.