Emerald Brand is announcing a newly formed partnership with Daymon. This partnership will expand Emerald Brand’s Tree-Free, American Made licensing program to retailers across the United States.

“When it comes to sustainability, it’s no longer a binary decision. Consumers are demanding more environmental options in every category from finished goods to their product’s packaging. This growing consumer demand is driving retailers to bring more transparency to their products, and dynamic stories behind them,” states Ralph Bianculli Jr., Managing Director at Emerald Brand.

The partnership between Emerald Brand and Daymon will be beneficial to the fast-growing need in retail portfolios for American Made Production while offering a sustainable, economically viable choice for consumers. As consumers continue to look for American made supply chains and health + wellness offerings in their product portfolios, Daymon will now be licensed to offer Emerald’s Tree-Free and Plant to Plastic American made licensing options to retailers across the United States. These items include American made toilet tissue, household towels, napkins, molded fiber tableware, compostable straws, cutlery, and more.

Join us at the My Private Brand Sustainability Summit live online on December 8-9, 2021 when Daymon presents on Sustainability.