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Daymon is a highly recognizable name in the Private Brand space, but not everyone knows about its status as a pioneer.

Michael Taylor, President of Daymon, a company veteran who joined 26 years ago, said Daymon has always focused on “building brands, leading with innovation, and driving results.”

When the company — then called Daymon Associates — was formed in 1970, its founders Milt Sender and Peter Schwartz both of whom have been inducted into the PLMA Private Label Hall of Fame,  were ahead of their time in understanding the potential for this segment of the industry. Private label existed at the time to copy manufacturer brand items with discounted prices and generic-looking packaging. Innovation and differentiation weren’t areas of industry focus. However, over time, Daymon’s achievements helped lead the industry in new directions.

“Our job was to help companies understand the best of what’s happening around the world in private label,” said Sender, who is now retired. “We developed this expertise by operating in many countries and we hired many experts. We brought new ideas to the industry.” Milt Sender 

Sender’s perspective is echoed by industry executives, who said Daymon’s investments in the private brand space and its ability to drive industry differentiation have supported its ongoing success.

“Through the years, Daymon has been a difference maker to the customers and suppliers with who we engage,” said Don Dohanyos, President, CDS (Club Demonstration Services). “The go-to-market strategies may have changed over time, but the overriding goals have not.  Whether it is private label brokerage, in-store merchandising, product demonstrations, product packaging development or any other services, Daymon continues to deliver programs and products that appeal to consumers and help manufacturers and retailers improve their status in the marketplace and maximize their results.”

Michael Bellman, President, SAS Retail Services, said, “The industry and Private Brands have evolved over the last 50 years, and Daymon’s ability to lead in this space is a direct reflection of its investment in its people, services, and innovation.”

Bellman emphasized that Daymon has integrated service offerings to support Private Brand in an “unparalleled way.”

“Whether it has been merchandising, demonstrations, event marketing, design, innovation, thought leadership, global insights, etc. — all of these services have created winning and better Private Brand solutions for Daymon’s partners,” he said.

Looking ahead, Sender predicted the industry has great future opportunities if retailers grow their private brand businesses wisely.

“They should be careful in what they put their names on — only the best of the best,” he said. “They should experiment and try new things. If something doesn’t work, pull it back and try something else.”

Making Progress on Next Steps

Daymon is planning next steps to further innovate and grow its impact.

The company will continue to advance its strategic role in supporting food industry needs. This role has been crucial during the pandemic when, for example, it helped to identify new product supply sources and support the repackaging of foodservice products for retail.

Even as it advances in a wide range of trade channels today — such as food, mass and general merchandise — the company is building a footprint in new sectors, from beauty to home improvement.

Daymon remains focused on many of the same factors that propelled it to success in the first place, such as supporting an outstanding team of associates and leveraging its global sourcing expertise, thought leadership and technology.

“Our focus is on meeting consumer needs and getting our clients and customers closer to the consumer,” Taylor said. “We’re proud of our Private Brand heritage and are looking forward to the next 50 years.”


Milt Sender and Peter Schwartz, recognizing the consumer’s need for Private Brands, create Daymon Associates.


Identifying the need for stronger branding in the industry, Daymon creates the first Private Brand-focused branding agency, C&M Marketing & Design (now Daymon Creative Services).


With the introduction of Daymon Interactions, Daymon becomes the largest sampling company in the world.


With the growth of Private Brands, Daymon expands beyond traditional brokerage and becomes a service provider.


Daymon expands into the retail execution segment with the acquisition of SAS retail merchandising.


Daymon merges with Advantage Solutions to support its mission of becoming the global leader in Private Brand.


Daymon launches BluePrint, the end-to-end technology solution that links insights to execution to drive faster speed to market.

Don Dohanyos, President, CDS (Club Demonstration Services)