Today British grocer COOP launched its new private brand Honest Value. The brand offers 50 new products at great prices while maintaining our strong Co-op standards.

Honest Value is proudly Co-op, and the products in the brand will be true to the retailer’s sourcing, ethical, and policy standards. Honest Value is not just another value label that cuts corners to offer lower prices.  It has great prices, with great values. This means that the eggs are free-range, our protein is 100% British, the paper products are FSC certified, and the meat is Red Tractor certified. There are no artificial colorings, flavorings, or preservatives, and everything is Cruelty-Free International approved. And of course, the brand includes have Fairtrade certified products too.

Jo Whitfield, CEO of Food Retail for COOp recorded this video to thank the “over 100 incredible colleagues from across the business worked collaboratively and used their skills and expertise to create this amazing new brand.”

The brand features products designed to be perfect everyday favorites, and core essentials.  Here are just a few highlights from the range:

  • Honest Value Spaghetti Bolognese (350g) at £1.25
  • Co-op Honest Value Wafer Thin Chicken (400g) at £1.50
  • Honest Value British Beef Mince (500g) at £1.80
  • Honest Value Orchards Fruit Pack £1
  • Honest Value Toilet Paper (4pack) at £1.25

Products will begin to appear in-store beginning Monday, October 26, and we will be launching in-store with POS and some marketing support from November 11 onwards.

COOP members are eligible for 20% off on all products in Honest Value plus everything Co-op branded throughout The Big Co-op Price Cuts promotion.