Retailers often wonder whether their brands and products have actually created differentiation or better yet loyalty and love. Iconic private brand grocer Trader Joe’s is the perfect example of engagement through private brand.

And they have rabid fans to prove it.

A little more than a month ago the creator of Trader Joe’s Food Reviews Instagram, Kelsey Lynch released a cookbook on Amazon that celebrates the retailer, Cooking Through Trader Joe’s. In this cookbook, Kelsey takes readers through the aisles of Trader Joe’s and highlights her favorite unique private brand products personally tasted and tested in her own kitchen. Recipes in the book utilize all of Trader Joe’s most popular items to easily whip up delicious dishes.

Kelsey Lynch is creator of the Trader Joe’s Food Reviews Instagram and TikTok as well as the author of the Cooking Through Trader Joe’s Cookbook. She has made it her mission to try and review every Trader Joe’s item.

This book is independently authored and published and is not affiliated or associated with Trader Joe’s in any way.

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