Portuguese retailer and Vertex Award winner Sonae MC/Continente has launched a new range of private brand Continente Selection coffee capsules in aluminum, compatible with Nespresso machines. The capsules are available in 4 varieties: Decaffeinato, Seducente, Ristretto, and Possente.  

These aluminum coffee capsules are a unique and differentiating proposition in their own brands and reinforce the Continente brand commitment to offering innovative high-quality products at low prices. The option to use aluminum capsules results in a coffee with better flavor preservation, greater creaminess, and greater resistance to heat, not allowing the transfer of oxygen and keeping pressurized. These capsules also allow a significant reduction in the carbon footprint compared to plastic capsules.

The coffee used in the production of these capsules is certified with regard to its origin in order to guarantee environmental and social sustainability with the aim of protecting forests, improving the lives of local communities, and mitigating the climate crisis.

The four varieties have different levels of intensity – Café Possente, with intensity 11; Decaffeinato coffee, with intensity 9; Café Ristretto, with intensity 10; and Seducent Café, with intensity 8, for a pvp of 2.99 €. In the coming weeks, coffees with caramel, vanilla, and cinnamon aroma will be added to this range.

According to Tânia Lucas, Business Unit Director, Sonae MC, “The coffee capsule segment was one of the fastest-growing categories during the Covid-19 pandemic phase because people spent more time at home and transferred the consumption of the espresso coffee they habitually drank. This category shows a growth of about 30% that remains after the period of deflation. This launch reinforces the innovative positioning of the Continente brand. “