Once again, Congress is looking into online retail giant Amazon and taking a direct shot at its growing private brands.  

The Wall Street Journal has reported that a new bipartisan bill may require Amazon to split its business in two. The move would create one business for the third-party marketplace and another for its first-party products, including its extensive private brand portfolio and its tech items like Fire TV and more. If not separated, Amazon would be required to remove its delete its private brand products.

The bills, announced Friday, amount to the most significant congressional attack on Google, Apple, Facebook, and Amazon.

The bill called the Ending Platform Monopolies Act is targeting Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google. The bill aims to address the ability of big technology to leverage their online platforms in favor of their own products.

If successful, the move is a direct attack on Private brands and leaves the door open for an attack on the private brand portfolios of every retailer from Walmart to Kroger to Kohls to Wakefern.