As strategic brand partner to Coles, one of Australia’s largest supermarket chains, Elmwood undertook the huge task of redefining the retailer’s private brand architecture. In the process, the team identified an opportunity to create a range of global food products with more authentic flavors and recipes.

In a category cluttered with uninspiring, generic own brands or high end ‘artisan’ offerings, a gap was identified in the market for something that is both authentic but equally approachable for home cooks—made from authentic recipes. In collaboration with Coles, the team developed and designed a new range of authentic ‘World Flavours’.

The search for inspiration took us “on the streets” of the world’s great food cities. The team landed on a lead creative territory, which felt fresh, authentic and flexible enough to include foods from a host of regions and countries in the future.

In the process, nothing was missed: Wall textures inspired by local buildings, typography from market stall signs, authentic language, iconic patterns and colors, even the shadows created by sun-drenched street furniture.


The design was inspired by street food around the world and the vibrant laneways it’s often found in. All the sights, the sounds, and of course, mouth-watering aromas. The goal was to capture the vibrancy of street food culture in these great food regions.

It was all designed to spark the senses and help shoppers imagine themselves on a bustling street filled with delicious treats.

To help with shopper navigation, a unique design strategy was developed for each country, which stemmed from the overarching creative territory.

For the Mexican range, designers replicated vibrant hand-painted signage found everywhere on the streets of Mexico. To achieve this typographic treatment, the team commissioned award-winning designer Andy Smith renowned for a typography style that feels tactile and hand-printed. The Italian range was inspired by the sun-soaked cobblestoned streets scattered all along Italy’s coast. Designers also drew inspiration from rustic, hand-painted majolicas from the Renaissance period, which we modernized and incorporated into our designs.

By taking the designs “on the streets”, the work helped shoppers evoke a sense of discovery. Because it’s often on these streets where the best flavors are discovered, and where all levels of society come together—united in their love of food.