Why go to the café when the café can come to you?

Private brand manufacturer Trilliant Food & Nutrition has answered the question with a new innovative range of Café Caps Coffee Creations and Café Caps Hot Cocoa Creations, all-in-one single-serve solutions that conveniently bring a premium café experience to shopper’s homes.

In stores this September, the cup + cap process is unique, but simple – for Café Caps Coffee Creations, pour the cap, brew your single-serve cup, and enjoy a café quality hot beverage.

The cap is what sets Café Caps apart from traditional single-serve cups and allows it to deliver the café quality experience. Both new lines feature high-quality flavor-rich ingredients you can see, including cinnamon, cream, cocoa, marshmallows, and mini chocolate chips, just to name a few “The coffee and cocoa categories are ripe for innovation,” said Adam Hobler, Trilliant’s director of marketing. “During COVID, we learned that nearly 1/3rd of consumers were trying to recreate their café latte at home.

We saw this as an opportunity to bring an intuitive innovation platform that has seen success in other categories to the single-serve cup category. Café Caps bring the café to your kitchen, and our research indicates it will be an incremental consumption occasion to consumers’ daily cup of coffee.”

“We couldn’t be more excited to launch this new product. It’s just the first of many innovative new items we will be bringing to the market in the next 12 months.”

The initial release will include six separate flavors, each in its own six-pack, all made with 100% Arabica coffee and a cap of toppings:

  • Chocolate hazelnut cap is filled with a blend of cream, cocoa, and bits of chocolate
  • Mocha spice cap is filled with a blend of cream, cocoa, a hint of ground cayenne, and bits of chocolate
  • The vanilla cinnamon cap is filled with a blend of cream, cinnamon, and bits of vanilla
  • Classic milk chocolate hot cocoa cap is filled with a generous portion of mini marshmallows
  • S’mores hot cocoa cap is filled with mini chocolate chips and a generous portion of marshmallows
  • The birthday cake hot drink mix cap is filled with mini marshmallows and sprinkles