Carrefour’s multidisciplinary design team is a driving force behind the giant global retailer’s success.

A presentation at Velocity Global outlined the progressive integration of the design discipline into Carrefour’s structure, and how it has contributed to the advance of Private Brand efforts.

The integrated design group is “like an internal hub and expertise center to help teams build their projects,” said Tatiana Ryfer, head of Branding and Visual Identity. “We translate the company’s strategy into tangible and relevant solutions.”

Ryfer and the team have helped create consistency across customer touchpoints by managing all the brand’s visual aspects.

The effort to coordinate design began a decade ago, at a time when the retailer was making more use of external design resources.

Today the integrated design effort is more important than ever as retailers realize they can’t take consumer loyalty for granted.

“It’s the end of the brand loyalty era, and you need to reinvent yourself every day,” she said.

Ryfer walked the Velocity Global audience through a few projects — including those ranging from social responsibility to beauty — and relayed some tips for success. These include anticipating trends, being agile, keeping the user top of mind, and building unique and recognizable brands that will gain loyalty.

She said the global COVID-19 crisis has transformed how customers view Private Brands.

“After three or four months at home during COVID, people are looking to Private Brand as a really good compromise between price and quality, and even superior quality,” she said.


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