The Carrefour Brazil has just launched a new line of private brand beers created in partnership with the Way Beer brewery from Paraná and the Startup Brewing factory. NAUTA includes has six bottled options and five canned versions.

Carrefour Brasil’s Private Brand commercial director, Allan Gate, comments: “Beer is one of Brazilians’ favorite drinks and one of the most consumed in the country, and the demand for artisanal lines has been increasing. Consumers are increasingly concerned with buying good quality beers at a fair price. , we saw the need for our own craft beer brand. “

The bottled line includes a Bohemian Pilsner (recipe from Czech Republic); Indian Pale Ale (United States recipe); Irish Red Ale (Irish recipe); Weissbier (German recipe); Blond Ale (recipe from Belgium) and Amburana Ale (recipe from Brazil).

The five canned options feature styles ranging from classic to innovative: Witbier (aromatic, with a strong presence of orange), Saison (option for wine lovers, already that the recipe takes grape juice), two IPA recipes (a lighter one in the Session IPA version, with less alcohol, and a fuller and more flavorful one, the IPA) and Porter (for those who want to know dark beers with light bodies and a touch of coconut, harmonization between fruit flavors with hints of chocolate).