Following launches in France, Italy, Spain and Romania, Belgium now gets to highlight the wealth of its gourmet heritage with “Les Belges” – a new private brand range for some of its most iconic products, including thin galettes, speculoos, almond tarts, brown sugar, sirop de Liège and Bruges biscuit.

This month, a new line of 21 “Les Belges” stamped products (“De Belgen” in Flemish) made their first appearance on the shelves of Carrefour Belgium stores. Starting in September, they’ll also be available from Carrefour stores in France, Spain, and Italy.

“Following Reflets de France (France), De Nuestra Terra (Spain), Terra d’Italia (Italy) and Drag De Romania (Romania), we’ll really be able to highlight our country’s gourmet heritage with this new range. To develop it, we spent a year working very closely alongside scrupulously selected producers. The recipes are authentic, and the ingredients are high quality – and a gourmet approach has been adopted for the whole range.” says Tatiana Paul, Carrefour Belgium’s product manager.

To maintain consistency and a powerful Belgian identity, the range will initially be made up of sweet groceries and frozen products. It will feature waffles, pralines, speculoos, chips, ice cream, sirop de Liège, and Bruges biscuit. Over the coming months, more products will be added to the butchery, cooked meats and cheese sections. The visual identity is deliberately sober with shades that evoke purity and authenticity, enabling customers to immediately identify products in the range.