In a busy household, the bathroom is often the only room that can truly offer a private retreat, a place to escape the noise. In fact, a recent “Escape the Noise” survey, conducted by Bed Bath & Beyond found that 40% of Americans linger in the bathroom longer than they need to just to get more alone time. The reality, however, is that many of us are settling for less-than-tranquil bathroom spaces. The survey went on to reveal that 68% of Americans believe having a space in their home dedicated to relaxation would be helpful in improving their self-care. It’s no surprise that “me-time” is essential in helping us find balance and be our best selves. In fact, Americans who do not have a space in their home where they can get quality “me-time”—that’s 37% of us—are far more likely than those who do to report having had high levels of stress over the past year. So how do we maximize our bathroom spaces to ensure they’re delivering that much-needed retreat?

Here to resolve this widespread issue and help bring to life the retailer’s new campaign line “home, happier” is Haven, a modern, spa-inspired assortment of bath essentials designed to help you escape the noise and find the serenity you deserve between the four walls of your bathroom. Available only at Bed Bath & Beyond starting April 19, Haven features an array of 100% organic cotton bath towels and bathrobes, as well as bath rugs, shower curtains, bath furniture, bath accessories and storage solutions that will evoke a sense of calm to enhance your self-care rituals and help provide solace amidst the chaos of everyday life. With Haven, Bed Bath & Beyond gives you permission to relax and recharge in your own haven at home.

“Whether it be a rare moment of solitude from your everyday stress, or a long soul-cleansing shower, the bathroom is our quiet place to retreat and recharge,” said Joe Hartsig, Executive Vice President and Chief Merchandising Officer at Bed Bath & Beyond.  “We introduced Haven to help serve as the antidote to the stimulation and stress that life presents. The Haven brand’s spa-inspired bathroom accessories are designed with tranquility in mind to create that peaceful respite within the walls of your home and help you ‘home, happier.'”

Bed Bath & Beyond knows that the key to escaping the noise from everyday life is to create a true haven at home, so that caring for oneself can be a daily ritual instead of an occasional indulgence. Whether you’re looking to lightly refresh or completely overhaul your bathroom, Haven offers a selection of customer-inspired and contemporary products to help you create a relaxing, refreshing, always-inviting oasis space.

Inspired by nature, Haven textiles include 100% organic cotton towels and 100% organic linen kimono robes, coupled with sleek, modern furniture featuring a mix of woods and materials like acacia, bamboo, teak and glass help transform your bathroom into a spa-like oasis. The minimalist Haven product design, muted earth tones and subtle patterns provide an intentional, yet effortless cozy and tranquil retreat. The Haven products were thoughtfully designed with the finer details in mind. Turkish towels feature softly rounded corners; a cleverly magnetized mirror holds bobby pins securely in place; and a selection of towels include locker loops making them easy to hang and dry.

Haven is modestly priced, with products ranging from $6 for washcloths, $12$25 for towels, $20$50 for bath rugs, $20$50 for shower curtains, up to $280 for shower chairs/benches, making a spa-like retreat attainable without the spa-like prices.

Haven is the second of eight private brands that Bed Bath & Beyond will introduce or refresh in fiscal 2021 to help customers realize the potential in every room and “home, happier.”