In an uncertain world, how can a big box retailer make personal wellness accessible for all?

Wellness is now worth up to £2.8 trillion worldwide and growing rapidly. UK-based retailer Asda recognized its importance to customers and wanted to make Wellness accessible to all. They developed a new range of private brand Wellness products spanning multiple product categories, requiring a new positioning, sub-brand and packaging strategy.

Whether it’s fitness or mediating, drawing and crafts or enjoying a long soak in the bath, Wellness is personal and different for each individual. Stylistically, Wellness has many guises; is it graphically pure and minimalist with lots of white, or is it sensorial, evoking natural and sustainability cues with craft textures and earthy tones? And how does this translate to a busy store environment like Asda’s?

Following a deep dive into the market and a working session the team from the British agency OurCreative identified potential design territories for the brand extension of the popular fashion private brand George. A design strategy was agreed upon, with the ambition to have elegant, gentle and simple design cues. Starting with the identity, the team handcrafted the logo ensuring it had a personal touch whilst feeling relaxed and sophisticated.

The freedom of the hand-drawn, pen illustration style evokes a sense of mindfulness and creativity, particularly appropriate for emotive and sensual categories.

Clean, elegant typography paired with watercolor tones provide a sense of calm, and natural photographic scenes aid greater differentiation tapping into the consumer desire for escapism and relaxation.

Bright, airy room sets, with relaxed styling, feel aspirational yet attainable. The subtle window scenes aid differentiation between cool touch, antibacterial and copper-infused bedding, tying into the back of pack creative. Additional touches such as wooden flooring and plant propping feel natural and calming, nodding back to the environment.

Launched in late 2020 with the impact of Covid ongoing, UK consumers are still under lockdown restrictions. It’s early days but the range proves to be a success as customers crave a little Wellness and tranquillity at home.