Online retailer Amazon has joined the CanopyStyle initiative and unveiled the timeline for its commitment ensuring that by 2022 all of its private brand clothing will not include “rayon or viscose derived from ancient and endangered forests, or from endangered species’ habitats or other controversial sources as defined by Canopy reports and tools”.

Amazon announced its CanopyStyle commitment as part of a suite of sustainability initiatives including packaging, leather, and clothing.

This announcement applies to all fabric used to create Amazon’s more than 60 private brands, with products ranging from shorts to dresses to t-shirts.

Teams at Amazon UK and Amazon US will be using the CanopyStyle Hot Button Report to inform their procurement decisions. Amazon will also be supporting the scale-up of next-generation solutions like the use of recycled clothing to make new viscose fabrics, rather than wood from the world’s ancient and endangered forests.

With the addition of Amazon’s private brands, the CanopyStyle initiative now brings together over 320 brands, retailers, and designers representing $578 b in annual revenue. All are committed to eliminating ancient and endangered forest fiber from their fabrics, catalyzing commercial production of next-generation solutions, and advancing large-scale conservation of the world’s forests.