Gu Yue Ren Jia and Ao Zhi Cui are new brand creations for discount grocer Aldi China’s private brands, designed to cater for the increasingly demanding and younger consumers in China. With the trading up trend in China, consumers are paying more for higher quality foreign labels. The challenge was to strike a balance between ‘local taste’ and ‘imported quality’ since staple food like rice are uniquely Chinese and consumed by people from all walks of life, young and old.

Agency Brandimage helped Aldi position the new ranges as ‘The Affordable Premium Choice’ bought to China by Aldi, a German brand well known for quality at its highest level. The new brand creation reflects good taste, quality life and modern living with a personality that is friendly, artistic and welcoming.

Inspired by the natural habitat of Chinese Paddy fields that were often depicted in historical Chinese paintings with poetic writings, our designers hand-illustrated 2D graphics of paddy field landscapes in a simplistic and abstract manner to inspire shoppers with the birthplace of Chinese rice, a place that symbolizes the fundamental of China life.
An inspiration from Chinese historians “High-quality rice can be grown on soils where no grass grows, which can feed 1.5 billion people”.

The result is a transformation of tradition into an art form that gives people a sense of tranquility, ease and inspiration for everyday life. The abstract illustration of the paddy fields is modern, contemporary and artistic. The product names are crafted in Chinese calligraphy and reflects deep historical tradition. The juxtaposed styles create a modern traditional look that is unique, bespoke and chic. It brings a sense of harmony, peace and comfort to people, the same feelings one gets from consuming comfort food like rice.