Albertsons announced a refresh of its Soleil sparkling water private brand including new special summer packaging with unique designs created by globally renowned artists and four new flavors: mango, raspberry lime, tangerine, and watermelon.

Beginning in May, the new designs and flavors will be featured in the exclusive Sip to the Beat summer promotion using well-known digital music service Spotify. Customers can enjoy Soleil and unlock one of three curated Spotify music playlists: Amped Beats, Chill Vibes, and Good Times.

Lisa Mirae, Senior Director of Brands and Marketing

“We’re excited to team up with Spotify and share the eclectic packaging artwork from a diverse group of artists for this relaunch,” said Lisa Mirae, Senior Director of Brands and Marketing. “The entertaining playlists, exciting designs, and delicious Soleil flavors are a perfect combination for summertime fun. Soleil is crisp, refreshing, and a healthier beverage alternative to regular soda.”

Consumers are embracing alternative beverage options as evident by the strong growth of Soleil since its launch in 2016. Soleil is a part of the billion-dollar Signature family of brands.

The redesigned packages reflect the distinctive flavors of each Soleil variety through art and music and are the collaborative results of seven talented artists from around the globe.

“We’re really pleased with the fun new look of each Soleil flavor,” Mirae said. “The designs are an imaginative way to celebrate culture, music, and the power of Soleil to add a little sunshine to any occasion. The bold Soleil script on each package means it will still be very recognizable to our customers.”

The artists, whose collective body of work has been featured by several leading global companies, are:

  • Raul Urias, a visual artist and illustrator from Mexico City. He has appeared in a variety of group exhibitions and one solo show.
  • Nuria Boi, an Edinburgh-based Spanish motion designer and illustrator. Her work is versatile, bold, fun and colorful. She has a special interest in character design and 3D reflections.
  • Bárbara Malagol, an illustrator and visual artist based in London. Her work incorporates compositions, shapes, vibrant textures, and bold colors.
  • Alejandro Parrilla, based out of Madrid, is an illustrator who creates bright, nostalgic works inspired by the 90s.
  • Mel Cerri, a lettering artist and illustrator based in São Paulo. Her Brazilian heritage provides inspiration for her bold color palettes, loud graphics, and murals.
  • Minji Moon, from Seoul is an illustrator and animator. She specializes in illustration and motion graphics using bold visuals united by colorful and simplified shapes.
  • Calvin Sprague of Rotterdam is an illustrator with a knack for colorful, retro, and playful styles. He experiments with basic lines and shapes and eccentric, colorful styles.

Soleil sparkling water is made with carbonated water and natural flavors. Soleil does not contain added sugars or sweeteners, artificial flavors, calories, or sodium. It is produced by Albertsons Companies self-manufacturing teams at plants in California, Washington, and Colorado.

In addition to the four new flavors, Soleil is also available in original, berry, lemon, lime, grapefruit, peach, blood orange, cucumber melon, black cherry, cranberry raspberry, strawberry, pineapple, and apple. The lime, blood orange, and grapefruit flavors are also available with caffeine.