Looking for a bubbly, better-for-you beverage to quench your thirst? Look no further than 7‑Eleven’s new private brand sparkling water – Serafina. Imported from Italy, the sparkling mineral water brand was created exclusively for 7‑Eleven and comes in three flavors: Original, Organic Lime and Organic Lemon Ginger with an SRP of $1.79 per 16.9-ounce bottle. For a limited time, thirsty customers can purchase two bottles for the price of one at participating 7‑Eleven locations.

Serafina is sourced from a natural Italian spring then carbonated and bottled in the Apennine Mountains. With the sparkling water category expected to reach nearly $60 billion by 2027 and increasing consumer interest in alternatives to high sugar and calorie beverage options, the introduction of Serafina to 7‑Eleven shelves is a natural fit.

“Customer demand for sparkling and premium water continues to rise, and as the ultimate beverage destination, 7‑Eleven continues to innovate in the category,” said Jack Stout, 7‑Eleven Senior Vice President, Merchandising and Logistics. “Serafina will join Skýra, our super-premium Icelandic spring water, to provide 7‑Eleven customers with exclusive top-shelf water selections, whether they prefer still or sparkling. We are confident that these products will exceed customers’ expectations in both quality and value.”

7‑Eleven’s dedication to convenience makes it easier than ever for consumers to find better-for-you drinks and snacks on the go or for delivery via the retailer’s proprietary 7NOW app. In addition to Serafina, 7‑Eleven also sells a variety of other items made with wellness in mind such as Triton Energy, 7-Select Cold-Pressed Juices, 7-Select Go!Smart Fruit and Nut Trail Mixes and more at participating locations. 7‑Eleven has a growing private brands portfolio made up of over 1,500 products and over $1 billion in sales.