Today I am excited to announce the addition of 16 Velocity Roundtables to the agenda. Velocity Roundtables provide a more personal and interactive setting for networking and exploring critical issues in Private Brand. Each 20 person live video discussion will encourage conversation and debate on a subject relevant to private brand today. Each discussion is moderated by an industry leader who facilitates substantive discussion.




All presentations from this year’s Velocity Global are now available on demand. If you could not attend, tickets are still available for purchase to gain access to this compelling content.

Roundtables Include:


Brand Building & Designing/Competing with Niche Brands – CVS HEALTH

Bryan Killiany, Creative Director – Store Brands Portfolio, CVS HEALTH

In this roundtable, Bryan will discuss the opportunities and challenges facing him and his peers while building a world-class portfolio of owned brands and accounting for the growing niche brand segment within the market over the past 5-6 years.

Open topics to be discussed:

  1. How are other private brands/retailers handling the influx of niche players in their space
  2. Strategies within brand development to accommodate this influx of new smaller brands – develop completely new brands, Sub-segments, or extensions of master brand looks?
  3. Impact on scale of entire branded portfolio
  4. What does the future landscape look like with new niche brands hitting retail floors every day – 1,2,5 years out
  5. What are new norms around flexibility within brand building given recent shifts with niche players over past 5 years

How do we build and promote private brands in e-commerce – BOXED

Brandon Wehmeyer, Senior Product Development Manager, Boxed

Brandon will moderate a discussion on how private brands can capitalize on the continued growth of e-commerce. Focusing on the question, “What steps can retailers take in a digital world to talk to the consumer about their brands in a different way than in-store?”

Private Brands, Providing Value and Relevance in the Convenience Space – CASEY’S GENERAL STORES

Eric Long, Director, Private Brands, Casey’s General Stores

Eric will lead a discussion of private brand in the convenience channel.

Delivering Breakthrough Packaging within the Real-Life, Private Label World – CVS HEALTH

Matt Thorsen, Director, Store Brands Packaging,CVS HEALTH

In this roundtable, Matt will transparently discuss the challenges facing him and his peers as the need for uniqueness at shelves goes head to head with a decades-long Private Label packaging manufacturing structure.

Specific topics to be raised:

  1. Brand consistency at shelves across multiple Product Suppliers and Sub-Contractors (pre-press, printers, bottle/tube manufacturers…)
  2. Custom componentry execution across multiple Product Suppliers
  3. Executing unique and challenging print techniques across multiple touchpoints (Suppliers, pre-press, printers…)

Ask My Private Brand Founder Christopher Durham Anything?

Christopher Durham, President, My Private Brand

Ask Christopher Anything! (Well almost anything – lets stick to Private Brand)!

Christopher has spent the last twenty years immersed in private brand, founding and running My Private Brand and Velocity Conference and Co-founding the Vertex Awards. He spent time as a retailer with stints managing private brand at Lowe’s Home Improvement and Food Lion (Delhaize). He currently leads a strategic consulting team that works with retailers around the world on their private brand portfolios including Family Dollar, Petco, Staples, Office Depot, Albertsons, Best Buy, Metro (Canada), TLW (Taiwan) and Hola (Taiwan).

Now is the time to Innovate with Design! What do you have to lose?

Maria Dubuc, President, Marketing By Design

Join Maria in a discussion on the unprecedented opportunity to reinvent private brand and leverage design to differentiate and win!

Solving the Challenges of Sourcing during COVID-19

Kyle Patterson, Vice President, Daymon

Kyle will lead a conversation on the challenges of sourcing during this pandemic.

Plant based foods: Fashion, Fad or Cultural Change?

Evan Hyman, Sr. Director Channel Development/ Emerging business & Customer Co-creation, Ingredion Inc
Bart Elling, Business Development Manager, Ingredion Inc

Alternative Meat & Dairy? Plant-Based Meats & Milk? These are categories that are moving faster than agreed upon naming conventions. Join Evan and Bart as they lead a discussion on the challenges around these categories from product formulation to merchandising on the shelf.

Some additional questions:

  • Are private label suppliers and retailers fully embracing these trends?
  • Are there enough private label suppliers for these types of products?
  • What is the next big thing in plant-based and will retailers take the lead vs. follow the market with their private label products in these categories?

Think Like a Start up! What can we learn from Entrepreneurs to win with Private Brands?

Michael Draper, SVP, CBX

Join CBX’s Michael Draper for a conversation addressing how Private Brand marketers can learn from entrepreneurs and ‘Think like a start-up.

Building Transparency – How to leverage your Private Brands and drive Consumer Awareness?

Kara Miencier, Sales Executive, Paramount Roasters
Lauren Tolbert, Retail & Food Service Partnerships Development Manager, Fair Trade USA

Pandemic, Chaos and Change: How can Private Brands Grow?

Sam Mayberry, President, Sam Mayberry Consulting, LLC

The latest news is not good. COVID-19 continues to plague communities and the U.S. unemployment rate ranges between approximately 12 – 28.5%. As a result, food budgets for many American households are likely to continue declining for the foreseeable future.

Retailers shouldn’t be questioning whether customers will buy private label but rather focus on what they can do to fulfill consumer need and build loyalty.

In this Velocity Round table former Amazon and Supervalu private brand executive Sam Mayberry will lead a discussion focused on private brand strategy for 2020/21.

The $250M Question What Needs To Change In Private Brand Supplier Engagement?

David Taylor, Supplier Engagement Consultant, Solutions for Retail Brands

Join this Velocity Round Table to discuss the increased pressure for retailers to deliver new systems, ways of working and management structures to maintain agility and responsiveness to customers changing needs. However, many retailers are failing due to the complexity of change involving their suppliers and it is costing them hundreds of millions. How can private brands answer the 250M dollar question?”