The Giant Co. Craft Beers

Country: United States

Category: Licensed or Co-Brand

Agency: Ahold Delhaize / Peapod Digital Labs

Credits: Private Brands Director: Kasey Sheffer Private Brands Manager: Jason Priest Creative Director: Paul Skozilas Design & Illustration: April Snider, Tommy Tran, Paul Skozilas Project Manager: Grace Johnson

Throughout 2020 The Giant Co. partnered with four local Pennsylvania craft breweries to lunch a line of co-branded ales, providing unique offerings within their beer gardens. The co-branding was brought to life through close collaboration with each brewery. Starting from brainstorming the product and flavor to solidifying the concept and identity. While each beer is unique, a label architecture was established and maintained to build a cohesive line that shoppers could recognize, follow and seek out. Lastly developing product names that make use of the word “Giant”, allows the co-branding to read succinctly, with both the brewery logo and store banner logo prominently featured.