Private Brand: Compliments
Retailer: Sobeys
Country: Canada
Category: B2. Redesigned Brand
Agency: FISH Consumer Engagement Agency and Elmwood


Jason Hobson, Creative Director, Sobeys
Bonnie McCrone, Design Manager, Sobeys
Pella Economou, Design Manager, Sobeys
Mike Luciani, Design Manager, Sobeys
Elmwood New York – Strategy & Visual Identity
FISH Consumer Engagement Agency – Design Adaptation & Rollout


Our objective to simplify and strengthen Sobeys’ multi-tiered private label portfolio to drive revenue and increase loyalty was successfully accomplished with strong graphics, a cheerfully colorful palette, and a consistent design system. To this end, a number of sub-brands were eliminated necessitating a design that was sufficiently flexible to tell a wide variety of product stories.

The creative solution involved repositioning, restructuring and redesigning the brand from the ground up, resulting in a proud store brand with a strong visual identity and design system that was both consistent and adaptable to encompass the entire brand portfolio. A new brand personality that incorporated photography, illustration, and copy was developed that allowed for a wide variety of stories and product attributes to be expressed pack. The bold and friendly C super-graphic is a proud beacon for the brand and the democratization of quality for all. A simple iconic layout and lively color palette celebrate the brand in a heroic way that is easy to navigate. Quirky illustrations are sometimes included to connect product stories and make inclusivity the heart of the Compliments story. This nimble visual system allows for application across a variety of categories and retail banners while remaining highly recognizable brand steward.

While it’s too soon to have sales/market share data, KPIs from research show lift in a number of consumer perceptions and intent when compared to the current design. These include greater purchase intent (+3%), more consumers identifying the design as their favorite packaging on shelf (+3%), the design is perceived as being more contemporary (+9%), greater perception of quality (+6%), better able to favorably compete with other brands (+7%), more consumers perceiving Compliments as a leader (+6%) and more credit for being innovative (+6%).