Jumbo Cereals for Kids

Private Brand: Jumbo
Retailer: Jumbo supermarkten
Country: The Netherlands
Category: G3. Packaged Goods
Agency: OD designstudio


Iris van der Berg, Brand Manager, Jumbo supermarket
Simone Hoogendorp, Account Manager, OD designstudio
Vera Nieuwenstein, Designer, OD designstudio
Dvora Levy, dtp, OD designstudio
Niels Alkema, Creative Director, OD designstudio
Menno Mulder, Creative Director, OD designstudio


Good morning sunshine! These are the sweet tooth breakfast cereals that not only make you rise and shine but also put a smile on every kid’s face. The big and bright colored packs are radiating with optimistic feel-good vibes and make the pack stands out from the crowd on the shelves. Cereals for kids but without the obvious design tricks such as illustrations of animals, monsters, or other characters (we don’t think that is ethical to do today in the Netherlands). The brushstroke lettering and illustrations have that enthusiastic, handmade, written by a kid kind of feeling. The bouncing bowl and the explosion of floating cereals make the party complete. Have a nice start of the day.