Private Brand: Consum
Retailer: Consum Supermarket
Country: Spain
Category: G3. Packaged Goods
Agency: Rosebud

Amparo Domenech, Rosebud
Ester Dus, Rosebud


The redesign of the packaging’s new graphic design of Consum Crisps has been a bid to simplify and communicate the product appeal with minimal features strengthened by using simplicity and naturalness, highly appreciated by consumers even in categories such as snacks. That is why the crisps, their shape, and recipe are the main protagonists and all the features of its design are organized around it.

The image emphasizes the product’s lightness, strengthening its recipe’s values. This design relies on small details which, in addition to its appealing result, graphically conceptualize the product’s characteristics. Crinkle-cut or straight-cut, ready-salted or ham-flavored, each variety has its specific color and graphic detail integrated through different silhouettes and a personalized font use for each reference, in order to create a unified solution, without excessive attention or sale points.

Intentionally, this visible space is allocated for the main elaboration claims: with high oleic sunflower oil, gluten-free, and suitable for vegans. Aspects highly valued by consumers, which needed to be visibly well-placed.