Old Vine Zinfandel

Private Brand: Member’s Mark
Retailer: Sam’s Club
Country: United States
Category: G5. Beverages: Alcoholic
Agency: Equator Design


Jonathan Stiers, Senior Creative Director, Sam’s Club
Carrie Mapes, Account Director. Equator Design


Sam’s Club introduced a new premium Zinfandel to draw in the retailer’s red wine-buying members, particularly mature consumers purchasing premium goods.

Produced using grapes from 35 to 80-year-old vines – some of the oldest in California, we devised an eye-catching original label highlighting this exceptional origin.

Delivering a contemporary, new design that would not be incongruent with the “old vine” messaging, we utilized classic imagery via a contemporary dual label, which through a tear-away technique used negative space to depict the “old vine”. This unconventional label would necessitate working closely with the printer for a perfectly executed, compelling effect.

It was our goal to create a design that effectively captures the unique vines used to produce this sumptuous wine. We created bespoke die-cuts to depict the vine’s scrolling branches and grape sprigs. When paired with a premium printed finish, this distinctive label communicates a product of high caliber and remarkable provenance.