Charles Cellar Boxed Wine

Private Brand: Charles Cellar
Retailer: Walmart
Country: United States
Category: G5. Beverages: Alcoholic
Agency: Equator Design


Aaron Funke, Art Director, Equator Design
Lydia Maloney, Account Director, Equator Design
Sarah Paskell, Senior Director, Private Brands – Walmart


Back on the scene for all the right reasons, boxed wine offers convenience, sustainability, longevity, and cost savings. Younger wine consumers, becoming more confident in their wine choices, are embracing this non-traditional format in their search for affordable, high-quality wine.

Our original design works to reinvigorate the format while targeting an all-new, youthful consumer base. Aiming to pull over bottled wine drinkers while not alienating current boxed wine consumers, we chose a non-traditional route, bringing personality to the forefront instead of focusing on the origin of the wine or vine. Considering our millennial and Generation X consumers, we explored a lifestyle look and feel, utilizing vibrant, fun colors, and bold patterns. Highly sharable on social media, all packaging was designed as a range so it would present an eye-catching unified appearance at the point of sale, further encouraging social media engagement and supporting ongoing sales.